People can work with ecology in the 21st century,
and we'll show you how. A new kind of forest
sustainably provides things for people because
depleting the environment to get what we need no
longer works.

Forest gardening is for anyone who wants to get
back in the flow of ecology on their piece of land, no
matter how large or small. Have you ever wished
there was a way for people to benefit the
environment by living their lives, instead of just
damaging it to
some degree?

At Forested, our
courses and design services will
enable you to succeed in your forest garden projects.
Training days are full of applicable information and
hands-on experiences at our
young 10-acre
demonstration site in Bowie, Maryland. Our forest
garden designs are tailored to your goals and site.

We're working on the ecosystems of the future, with
people as positive participants. We're confident our
classes and design work will be of great value to you
we're committed to helping you succeed. Come
explore the bounty of a forest garden.

Lincoln Smith
A clip from Lincoln's recent talk at the PA Energy Fest
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“I noticed that I'm perceiving the
landscapes I work in differently
since I took your class especially
our own garden”
Kids love Nanking Bush Cherries