How to Farm a Forest—and Feed a Neighborhood

A forest garden helps prove the theory that fertile, well-maintained understories can produce as many calories per acre as a field of wheat.

Maryland Public Television - Al Spoler discovers the Bounty of the Forest

The team at Forested—a 10-acre food forest in Bowie—is intent on proving that there’s more than one way to feed the world.

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A Food Forested Revolution

Lincoln Smith’s strategy is to work with nature, rather than against it.

Bowie farmer Lincoln Smith part of Growth Industry

 ...trees and plants also protect that environment, preventing runoff, keeping the surrounding water clean and shading soil from the sun.

Forest Garden Bearing Fruit as Both Food Producer, Water Filter

“We’re trying to push the envelope with as much ecosystem function and food production on the same piece of ground as we can”

Emerson Street Food Forest Ribbon Cutting

DPW Supervisor Dawn Taft, Councilman Kevin Ward, Mayor Candace Hollingsworth & DPW Director Lesley Riddle cut the ribbon opening the Emerson Street Food Forest.

The Man Who Hopes to Turn Acorns into Gold

Lincoln Smith is experimenting with growing and baking with the overlooked and humble acorn

Transform an Invasive Bradford Pear Tree into a Fruiting Pear

Using a simple bark grafting technique, it's possible to make these weedy trees into producers of delicious European or Asian pear fruit.

The Forest Garden

We feel like we’ve discovered Eden.